"... In an age where digital technology has given rise to a proliferation of filmmakers with nothing but commercial dreams in their heads for their moribund creations, this remodernist group of filmmakers is dreaming and believing in something else. And actually doing it. In Passing is an intriguing and exquisite work..." - Bill Mousoulis, Senses of Cinema
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In Passing from Cine Foundation International on Vimeo.

"It is the tunnel vision, the burrowing into specific obsessions, of In Passing's individual filmmakers, combined with the broad scope of the collaborative form, that constitute the film's unique allure."

                                                   --John A. Riley, Bright Lights Film Journal
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"The film is neither a fully experimental work, nor a movie fixated on classic narrative; rather, In Passing explores the passing of time and the relation of time to cinematic space. Often focusing on intimate yet small details – the table top exploration of a crustacean, the patter of rain on a window, cats at play, the ocean shot from a moving car, a couple looking into a camera knowing that the film they are making will fail – and finding something lyrically poignant and even personal within these transient moments. There are scenes in which people seem to vanish, no longer seen on screen, yet the space they once occupied still resonates with their echoes, moving through the poetic sublime."

-- Jack Sargeant, FilmInk Magazine
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